Covered Porch Brecksville Ohio

This covered porch in Cleveland is approximately 30’ x 18’ with a beautifully vaulted ceiling and wrapped support beams that we built over an existing concrete patio. As you can see, it was the perfect addition to an awesome backyard–equally great for relaxing on hot summer days or enjoying the company of friends and family at night-time.

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[img src=]4861Custom designed sun porch Cleveland
Completely designed by interior designers in Cleveland
[img src=]4371Covered patio contractors in Cleveland Ohio
Covered porch builders in Cleveland Oh great covered patio in Brecksville
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[img src=]3580Covered porch with stone pillers
Covered porch in Brecksville with cool stone pillars
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[img src=]2330Covered Patio in Brecksville OH
Awesome covered porch designed by general contractors in Cleveland
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[img src=]1830Beautiful covered porch in Cleveland
Great covered porch addition in Cleveland ohio contractors
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