What’s Hot: Trending Bathroom Remodel Ideas for 2015

Curbless Shower

It’s that time of year where we start seeing all the big and new things that will happen in 2015! This year will showcase a lot of great new bathroom designs as well as see some old ideas brought back to life. Let’s find out what we will start seeing more of this coming year.

Curbless/No threshold Showers

Curbless Showers are not only good for safety but they look amazing, we plan to see a lot of it this coming year. Not only does it look clean but it completely opens up the entire room, by keeping the floor of the shower at the same height of the bathroom floor, in incorporates the square footage in the size of the bathroom actually making it feel that much bigger.

Freestanding bathtub in modern bathroom

-Free Standing Bath Tubs

Free standing bath tubs also make the room look larger as there is extra visible space around the tub. It’s basically a very spa inspired look, modern and sophisticated

Glass Tile

Glass Tile and Marble

The glass tile makes the walls stand out and almost has a 3D effect. and everyone is loving the simple yet very classic look of marble..

large shower windows

Large Bathroom Windows. 

The large window gives you a sense of freedom while showering,  makes the room open up with natural light, and you almost feel like you are outside. They look beautiful and they brighten up the room. Expect to see more large windows in bathrooms in 2015 and beyond…


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