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They say that the kitchen is the heart of every home, and if your cooking area looks like it’s just survived a rhino stampede, your home is probably on the verge of a cardiac arrest. Jokes aside, kitchen décor is important for both your nest’s functionality and overall value, and you should tend to its design with tender, love, care and awareness of latest design trends. If you haven’t been paying attention in kitchen design class, here are the top five trendy features to add to your snug culinary haven and amp its aesthetic appeal without breaking the bank.


1. Neutral Wall Color Scheme

Kitchen Design Cleveland Neutral Colors

This year, chic kitchen walls rock a neutral guise. Grey, beige, ivory, and white walls are a huge kitchen trend right now, but if you want to avoid a monochromatic kitchen look, you can spice up your cooking area with a few pastel touches, such as baby blue, soft peach, or gentle pink. Vivid colors should be used sparingly, as accents, so if you wish to throw in reds, greens, or yellows to liven up the atmosphere, try to sneak them in as pulls, handles, and kitchen textiles instead of applying them directly to the walls.


2. Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel kitchen appliances have sneaked into smart kitchens a while back and it looks like they’re going to stay on trend in the year to come. For a dose of stylistic contrast, swap all-white fridge, oven, and range for their counterparts in dark paint coats: along with bonus visual points, stainless steel appliances will provide higher durability and won’t easily give in to tough kitchen love you may expose them to as you’re busying away with pots and pans. To max out on the kitchen makeover in terms of functional value, opt for energy-star stainless steel appliances: that way, you’ll hack superior style and long-term utility savings by a single update.


3. Granite Goes a Long Way

Kitchen Design Cleveland Granite

Although marble is growing popular among kitchen designers these days, granite countertops and backsplashes are still holding strong. More cost-efficient than marble and no less durable, granite is one of the natural stone types that promises best value for a homeowner’s money as it can stand the test of time without losing aesthetic appeal. Still, be sure to treat and maintain granite surfaces with due care to prevent staining and cracking. For a neat bonus, granite will go well with stainless steel kitchen tech, and it will coordinate well with most kitchen styles, such as mid-century modern, vintage, and industrial.


4. Tiles Off, Timber’s Home

Kitchen tiles are a part of history: these days, graceful cooking areas boast a timber base instead of conventional ceramics. Hardwood, laminate, and even parquet are at home in a 21st-century kitchen, and bamboo and cork flooring fit the sustainable kitchen design formula perfectly. Still, you should be very careful when choosing timber floors for the cooking area: if possible, opt for sturdy wood types such as white oak or walnut floorboards treated with an Acrylic Impregnated wear layer to minimize risk of damage through contact with liquids.


5. Smart State-of-the-Art Appliances

Kitchen Design Cleveland Appliances

Another way to add a trendy coat of sustainability to your kitchen is to replace conventional with eco-friendly appliances. Energy-saving refrigeration products and smart cookers, ovens, and ranges will reduce your home’s environmental footprint, as well as long-term electricity bills.


Kitchen Design Cleveland Eco Friendly Appliances

For bonus sustainability points, many among energy-star kitchen appliances can be recycled to curb soil pollution and greenhouse gas emission. You can take the green kitchen game a step further by outfitting the faucets with water-efficient aerators that will trim H2O waste in the heart of your home.


6. Storage Gone Hidey-Ho

Hidden storage is one more trend that’s changing the kitchen landscape these days. Pocket and sliding doors are used to camouflage kitchen appliances, and they are often painted in the same color as the walls for bonus hidey-ho points. Apart from sliding doors, concealed charging ports in the kitchen are another big hit among interior designers, as they allow self-styled chefs to keep their beloved electronics at hand and stay connected to the web crowd while preparing yummy bites.

Kitchen Design Cleveland Energy Star Appliances

Is there more to a classy kitchen than meets the eye? Apparently, there is. Granite countertops, energy-star stainless steel appliances, wooden flooring, and neutral wall paint are the critical ingredients of lasting kitchen elegance nowadays. Before you start cooking, make sure your kitchen is up to the design trend challenge – and don’t forget to throw in a couple of hidden elements, just for convenience’s sake. Bon appétit!

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