Water Damage Repair Contractors Broadview Hts

General Contractors in Cleveland help restore a Broadview Hts home back to its original condition after extensive water damages.

Water Damage Before and After

As a seasoned remodeling company in Broadview Hts, just south of Cleveland, it is no surprise that our phones have been ringing off the hook with homeowners in a panic as they have just discovered water damage inside their home. Let’s face it, Cleveland has some very harsh weather–even during what is supposed to be “spring”. A majority of the calls we get are concerning water leaking through a window, particularly larger bay windows on the front of the home. While occasionally the window simply needs to be re-caulked or re-flashed, an overwhelming majority of the time water is finding it’s way into the house from somewhere other than the window itself.

For instance, very recently, JM Design Build met with a Broadview Heights homeowner in a very similar situation as described above and found that the water had actually been coming in from the roof of the house. While the water was first spotted from the inside of the home, it unfortunately had been seeping through for quite some time prior to anyone noticing it. Thus, quite a bit of damage had been done, and we advised the homeowners to contact their insurance company. Below is an overview of the procedures taken collaboratively by JM and the homeowners to resolve the water damage issue and restore the home back to its original state.

Restoring a Home After Water Damage
JM Design Build visually inspected the area and found damages to the bay window on the front of their home. The homeowner informed us that this was the first time he and his wife had noticed any water coming through the home; however it was evident that the water had been seeping through for quite some time. After an exterior assessment of the home, it is believed that heat loss from the garage area was causing ice to build in the corner of the garage and the exterior wall, which hangs over the bay window. Thus, as the ice melted, water was seeping through the bay area and entering the home.

After finalizing the course of action with the homeowner’s insurance company, JM Design Build began restoring the home to its original state through a series of both exterior and interior renovations. For instance, on the exterior, JM’s expert construction crew removed shingles and tar paper, approximately 150 square feet of stucco, installed ice and water shield, and replaced all materials that were removed and painted them to match the existing look and feel of the home. In addition, JM Design Build installed electric heat cables in the gutter and roof area to help prevent ice dams from occurring in the future.

In regards to the interior renovations, JM Design Build removed the damaged trim and drywall in the dining room bay as well as the insulation and inspected the framing and floor areas for rotted lumber. Once all of the material damaged by water was removed, we sprayed the entire area with TIMBOR® mold inhibitor. The homeowner also needed new windows as they were damaged so we replaced them with 4, double hung windows with grid patterns that matched the other windows in the home. We then replaced all drywall, trim and insulation. The home was restored and looks almost identical to its original state.

If you’re wondering how to prevent and remove ice dams, we have a helpful blog post here. Otherwise, if you have noticed water damage in your home, contact us for a free inspection and we’ll help you figure out how to get your home back to the way it is supposed to be.

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