Water Damage & Repair

Water Damage and Repair in Cleveland, Ohio

JM Design Build specializes in custom home renovations–including kitchen remodeling, basement finishing, and bathroom remodels in the Greater Cleveland Area. However, we are also well positioned to provide a number of important services that, for one reason or another, are often overlooked by other Cleveland remodeling companies. For instance, we have become very aware of the problems associated with the harsh winter climate that Cleveland homeowner’s face–water damage in particular. In fact, on any given day, customers call us in a panic because they have discovered water damage in their home.

To address this issue we have become proactive in our efforts to help homeowners minimize water damage and repair their homes back to it’s original state. Whether through ice removal, insulation, waterproofing, or replacing compromised materials, JM Design Build provides a number of techniques to prevent and repair water damage.

Our team knows precisely how to spot water sources that enter your home, methods for repairing them, and, perhaps most importantly, how to prevent water from entering your home in the future. What’s more, we will even work directly with your insurance company to ensure you are not liable for any costs covered by your particular policy.
Have a water problem? Contact us today for a free consultation so we can identify the problem and outline the steps necessary to protect you and your home.