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A custom kitchen remodel is undoubtedly the most exciting and rewarding investment you can make when it comes to your home. It is important to understand, though, that deciding to update or remodel your kitchen isn’t just a financial investment–it will demand a considerable amount of your time and lots of decision-making, not to mention the inconvenience of the actual remodel. We get it. In fact that’s ultimately what sets us apart from the others–the ability to execute complete kitchen remodels with maximum efficiency in order to minimize the time our customers spend making selections and living without a functioning kitchen. On average, customers that choose JM Design Build for a complete kitchen makeover can expect to be without a working kitchen for up to 5 weeks, and that we’ll do whatever is necessary to accommodate you during this process.

Kitchen Remodeling Cleveland Area – What Exactly Do I Need To Know About Cabinets?

Kitchen remodeling essentially revolves around the cabinet layout and purchase, so this is in fact the most important element of the project. Additionally, because cabinets are virtually all made to order, lead times are a bit long–usually taking anywhere between 3-6 weeks to arrive on site once an order is placed. At JM Design Build, our customers have the advantage of working with our team of in-house kitchen designers to hammer out the details of their new kitchen layout which can save a lot of time. These details include decisions such as the exact color, door style, and wood species of their cabinets. Once these decisions are finalized the cabinets are ordered. Boom. Next?

The next key element of your kitchen remodel is the selection of counter-tops, typically granite. Our interior designers will work with you to choose the absolute best countertop for your needs, style, and budget. This is typically done after your cabinets are ordered because there is not as significant of a lead time. In fact, counter-tops typically need to be measured on-site after the cabinets are installed, a process known as “templating.” We co-ordinate the template date to follow immediately after the cabinets are installed.


JM Design Build Kitchen Remodeling Process – Kitchen Remodel Contractors Cleveland

Depending on the complexity of the job, we like to begin demolition approximately 1-2 weeks before the arrival date of the cabinets. The demo date is important because we want to make sure when the cabinets arrive we are ready to install them, thus eliminating any downtime. This gives our professional kitchen installers enough time to demo, relocate or update mechanicals, and to install new drywall.

Cabinets are then installed. The Granite or other countertop templating has already been scheduled so the supplier can come out immediately to get a final measure for the countertops. Typically, there is a 1-2 week turnaround time between counter-top templating and the actual installation of the countertops. During this time, our installers will wrap up loose ends such as installing flooring, trim, crown moulding, etc…

Once the countertops are installed you can be sure you are very close to your new kitchen (hang in there!). At this point, no matter where they are at in other phases of the job, our kitchen installers are trained to drop everything and hook up your sink, disposer, dishwasher, and appliances immediately in order to get your kitchen functioning again and minimize any inconvenience. After your kitchen is completely functional, they will resume until the final punch list is complete, which includes items such as backsplash, paint, finish trim, etc… and we get out of your way so you can sit back and enjoy your beautiful new kitchen. Congratulations, you made it!

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