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Rustic Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

By: Sophie Andersen

Rustic is trendy in the 21st century. What was considered old and outdated fifty or sixty years ago comes back as a designers’ boomerang of the past. Of course, today it costs more than it used to in the past. Now you pay for the exclusivity of such a rare thing. While some items of rustic furniture really are preserved original bits from the past, many other are only pure copies of rustic style and these are made today. Whatever road to kitchen decoration a rustic enthusiast takes, the only thing that is sure is that he or she will be using a lot of wood.

Wood is always good

If you have ever been to a country log cabin (where Johnny B. Goode from the eponymous Chuck Berry’s song used to live), you could have seen that wood really matters. It is probably the noblest material every person can learn how to shape and make various things out of it. That is why wood is the predominant material when people want their homes or rooms to look rustic and vintage. For a rustic decor in your kitchen, you should include as much would as possible. For starters, your cabinets should be wooden if you want to bring the touch of past to your kitchen floor. With wood as the base, the whole kitchen can be transformed into a completely new trendy démodé rustic place.

Floor can be covered with differently-shaped wooden tiles and polished accordingly. Depending on other items, you can make your wooden tiles rectangular, square, longer, wider, shorter or narrower. Each size and colour will have their origins in the past. For a 19th century sailing ship look, you should cover the floor with wood strips and paint the walls marine blue. In addition to that, you can hang some ropes on walls, as a decoration, so that it really resembles a ship kitchen.

Rustic Pot

New old-look cabinets

Apart from the flooring, another section that can be fantastically rusticated with wood is the kitchen cabinets. Some craftsmen and companies even make new cabinets to look like old rustic ones and, what is more, those newly-made old-like kitchen cabinets and cupboards are often more expensive than the ones with modern design. Also, the new rustic cabinets need to look worn out, especially in terms of colour. The colour must be cracked and scraped to give the furniture the impression of vintage times.

Rugs of the past

It is not only wood and furniture made of wood that can revive some old times and make people sail away in their memories to ancient times. Different types of rugs can also be helpful in depicting the rustic atmosphere of the past. The best option for a room or a kitchen is finding a unique old rug still in a good condition. Traditional rugs will certainly add to the general atmosphere of good old times. When in lack of original old rugs, you can buy newly made ones, but those which reproduce the shape and patterns of the old ones. When it comes to rugs for a rustic surroundings, the most popular ones (and at the same time the most original-alike) are those shaggy rugs that have frays and rug-dreadlocks that diverge to many directions. In combination with appropriate wooden surrounding and quasi damaged cabinets, that will give your kitchen the looks of a 19th century manor in the New England countryside.

rustic cups

The island-centered kitchen

One of the most popular and most practical combinations of rustic furniture and modern approach to kitchen decoration is placing a wooden island in the middle of the kitchen. This means that the central point of the kitchen will be occupied by that item, together with appropriate high chairs around it. That point can serve as a gathering spot for the whole family. In addition to that, you can place some antique light bulbs hanging above the island, to get the full image of the period.

Author: Sophie Andersen is an interior designer from Australia and loves to share her tips and tricks about home decoration.

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