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Roofing Company Cleveland – Install A New Roof In One Day

It’s no secret that people are motivated in a variety of different ways–money, acknowledgement, competition, and as it turns out…….sushi!? Indeed, sushi is now being utilized as a key motivator for our roofing contractors here at JM Design Build; and it all started with a friendly bet as to whether or not our guys could install 35 Sq of shingles, ridge cap and vent, and flashing in one day.

The new roof is part of a complete home remodel in Broadview Heights, OH 44147 including a complete tear out and new layout of the existing bedrooms and dining area, a kitchen and bathroom remodel, a new concrete patio, and more. As a promise to the customer to get complete the project in a timely manner, we wanted to show him how serious we were about it. So, we talked with our roofers and said we would supply an all you can eat sushi lunch if they could finish the project in a day. However, if they did not, the JMDB managers would be treated to a sushi lunch by them. We were quite impressed when we showed up to the project at 8AM and saw what is captured in the picture above. Needless to say, we lost the bet! In fact, they were finished roofing and all cleaned up by 2:30 in the afternoon. As a result, sushi has now been added to our incentives program! They did a great job and we are very pleased.

Roofers Broadview Heights – General Contractors Cleveland

Need a new roof or some roofing repairs? JM Design Build is a general contractor in Cleveland and takes pride in both the quality and timeliness of our remodeling and roofing projects. Contact us today for a free roofing consultation!

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