JM Design Build Remodeling Process

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JM  Represents Our History –
Design Build  Is What We Do

Despite the tendency of many builders/contractors to describe themselves as “design build” companies, the JM Design Build remodeling process is truly unique to our industry. Started in the 70’s by our grandparents, Jerry and Marge, our firm has been at the forefront of our industry for many years, particularly in terms of our offerings.

The simplified definition of “design build” is that a particular organization is responsible for both the design and construction/completion of a given project. With our dynamic team comprised of Cleveland’s most accomplished renovation consultants, interior designers and construction professionals, JM Design Build pushes the design-build process to a new level.

In-house Cleveland Renovation Consultants and Remodeling Experts Working Together With You

JM Design Build is rare in that all of our services take place in house. What’s more, we have effectively streamlined our process to deliver our customers with professional drawings, 3D renderings, and highly accurate estimates in minimum time. Below is an overview of our process.

Phase 1 – Free Consultation

Each remodeling or renovation project by JM Design Build begins with a complementary consultation, usually only taking around 30 minutes or less (fill out this form to schedule yours today). Here’s why:

  • Practicality –Many homeowners have a general idea of what they ultimately want to accomplish when considering a remodeling project, however they are not sure how practical or feasible their ideas are. For instance, high costs associated with moving plumbing around to service a new or renovated room can often be avoided if our home remodeling experts have the opportunity to assess the area and come up with alternative solutions.The [blunt] truth is that while a remodeling project can be extremely rewarding when said and done, it is often equally overwhelming before and during the process. Our goal, then, is to do our best to educate homeowners and, at the very least, help minimize any mistakes by offering our insight (i.e., practical tips for keeping costs low) and foresight (i.e., inherent wisdom that can very well prevent costly mistakes). In short, we feel strongly that it would behoove anyone whom is seriously considering a remodeling or construction project to invest 30 minutes of their time consulting with an expert–it can literally save thousands of dollars, not to mention peace of mind.
  • Measurements – In order for our team to begin working on floor plans, and to truly develop a workable concept, we need accurate measurements of the existing space. In addition, precise measurements are integral to our estimating process as we will need to price out materials and labor in order to provide customers with accurate costs. Depending on the space available, the budget in mind, and the intangibles (i.e., the existing look and feel), these measurements will be the foundation used to effectively begin helping you visualize the results of a project that is aligned specifically and strategically with the resources available to you.
  • Personal Tastes – One of the best parts about working with JM Design Build is being able to make your project 100% YOURS. We don’t simply cater to personal needs; we in fact emphasize individuality and personal style throughout every aspect of our remodeling project. After-all, it’s your home and it’s your investment–why not make make sure it complements your unique tastes and lifestyle?

Phase 2 – Custom Designs and Floor-plans

With the information gathered during the initial consultation, our in-house team of professionals will begin preliminary sketches and conceptual drawings of your project. Because our team is both experienced and educated–with not only remodeling and construction but the actual science of utilizing space effectively–these preliminary floor-plans become the foundation for your entire project. For instance, in addition to providing homeowners with a concept that can be visualized, custom floor-plans are used for ordering cabinets, vanities, counter-tops,  and virtually all other materials necessary for completing a remodeling project with precision.

Phase 3 – Estimate

While our design team is hard at work sketching your concept, our project managers are busy putting together a scope of work for your project and crunching numbers. A combination of shopping around for the best material prices, analyzing workflows, and over 30 years of experience allow JM to offer extremely competitive and accurate estimates–without compromising quality and service–to each our potential customers.

Phase 4 – Post-Sale

Many “Design – Build” companies will present concepts and estimates to win your business, but suddenly you are left with a lot of choices that you have neither the time nor expertise to make. That’s why JM Design Build continues our services all the way to the end. While our contractors and project managers ensure your project is completed on schedule and with excellence, our designers are here to help with the tough but critical decisions: what color should you paint the walls? What style of granite should you use on your countertops? Which pattern of tile should you use on the floor?

Not only can we get you the best pricing in town, but we can ultimately help make sure you have all of the information you need to make these crucial decisions.

Schedule A Free Consultation

Although we try to communicate our unique offerings as best we can, the only real way to understand the JM Design Build difference is to experience it first-hand. Thus, we encourage you to give us a call (440-838-4686) or contact us today (click here) to set up your free consultation. At the very least we will make sure you have the necessary information to get your project started off in the right direction.