Planning to remodel your kitchen? Here’s what to expect

Remodeling a kitchen can be a big undertaking.  But a worthy one considering the significant value it can add to your home.  For those thinking about starting a kitchen remodel, below are some items to consider.

1. Get ready for take out! You will be without a functional kitchen for several weeks and there is no way around it.  Good contractors will minimize “down time” of your kitchen.  Make sure your contractor removes everything in the kitchen but leaves the sink until it is absolutely necessary to remove.

2.  Selecting cabinets is key. This can get expensive.  You need to lean on your contractor for advice here.  There are so many options and the pricing can be all over the map. It’s important to look at different manufacturer lines – as opposed to just focusing on one brand – to get true command for what is out there

3.  Countertops should be scheduled immediately. Schedule your countertop template a few days before cabinet installation.  This will ensure time for the base cabinets, which are necessary for the template, to be in place for countertop installation. Without the right approach, you could be facing some serious downtime extending the time of your remodel and adding costs.  Proper planning from your contractor is imperative here.  Take granite.  Granite companies require at least a week of advance notice before template and then another up to 2 weeks for install.  JM Design Build schedules a cadence of activity to minimize downtime.

4.  Be flexible and expect the unexpected. Not everything will go perfect; changes will occur and decisions will need to be made.  The key is to work with your contractor to know your options.  JM Design provides superior customer service to minimize changes and find solutions for you no matter the issue.

JM Design, the home remodeling contractor in the Cleveland area, specializes in kitchen remodels and we are ready to work with you whatever your need.

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