Tiny House Nation

JM Design Build Featured on FYI Network’s Tiny House Nation Series

We do a lot of really cool construction projects throughout the Cleveland area, but every once in a while we come across an extremely unique opportunity. Today we’re excited to present one of those projects!

JM Design Build was chosen by the A&E owned FYI network to build a “tiny house” for their new series Tiny House Nation.  The house was built for a young couple that will be relocating every 3 months.  We were very excited to take on the project, but to meet up with the network’s production schedule, we had just SIX days to build the entire house.  The crew worked extremely hard, but we got it done!

For those who aren’t a familiar, the idea behind tiny house living is to be mortgage-free with the ability to move from city to city, and take your house with you!  Homeowners are forced to downsize their belongings, and only keep the items they use on a regular basis.  There is an environmental benefit as well, as many mobile tiny homes are able to stay “off the grid” using alternative energy sources.

The tiny house we built featured custom woodwork and built-ins for storage, solid wood cabinets, a marble tile backsplash, and even a free-standing tub!  The bathroom walls were covered with Dal-Tile subway tiles in a herringbone pattern, and driftwood style laminate floors were laid throughout the entire main level of the house.