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Our in-house team of residential and kitchen design experts are always coming up with new and better ways to layout existing rooms. Below, for instance, is a new design for a kitchen remodel in Cleveland that we will be starting in the next few weeks.

Kitchen Remodeling Cleveland

Today we are presenting you with a new 3D layout for a kitchen we are remodeling in Cleveland. About a month ago, the customer was searching for a trustworthy general contractor in Cleveland and came across our some of our great reviews. After an initial consultation, we realized that the customer was simply unhappy with how inefficient they were when preparing meals in the kitchen.

Essentially, the customer’s have a small kitchen footprint and needed a custom redesign to make the little space they had a lot more usable. In addition to better use of space, the homeowners wanted to update their appliances and cabinetry in order to better match their particular lifestyle and tastes.

Thus, our designers came up with a concept (pictured above) that will greatly improve the overall quality of their home. Not only does the layout increase the functionality of the limited space available, but the details in the Kraftmaid Cabinetry as well as the tone of the wood helps bring warmth to the entire area. As you can see, the concept we presented to them effectively solves both practical needs as well as creates a great place to enjoy meals with friends and family–something very important to a lot of us.

Plus, this kitchen is packed with features. For instance, the overhead lighting in the sink area allows for energy efficient lighting while the re-positioning of appliances and cabinetry allows for better–and more easily accessible–storage space.

Kitchen Remodeling in Cleveland
JM Design Build specializes in kitchen remodeling for both small and large projects. We know your home is precious which is why we have invested in the most talented designers and builders in the area. Contact us today for a free design consultation. Love Where You Live.

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