Keep Calm…Save Space

Finding room to store everything in your kitchen can be stressful. Somehow there is just never enough space for everything and we end up accumulating more and more as the years go on. I have been doing some research and found some amazing ideas to help make more space in places you probably would have never thought of. These ideas will not only help keep things clean and organized, but create more of a Zen environment away from clutter. Added bonus – anyone who has little ones running around it will also help keep unwanted things away from them…some food for thought.

Corner drawer: A space that is always awkward with kitchen cabinets. When installed the corner drawers are deeper than the average drawers so now you can hold a lot more things inside them.

corner drawers

Utensil Drawer: No more just tossing everything in a random drawer. This makes it easy to grab out and keeps everything together for when needed. You save space and stay organized.

Utensil drawer

Trash Can Drawer: Hide those gross trash cans underneath the sink or another space that would be unused with your cabinets. They slide right out and help create more moving around space in the kitchen. Also an added benefit is it hides the odor too.

trach can cabinet

Dish drawers: Now you can have Drawers specifically made to organize all your dishes and keep them out of sight and from sliding around. No more worries about having to stack them in weird hard to reach places.

slide out dog bowl drawer

Other awesome ideas are having your pet bowls build in underneath your cabinets. You can have them slide right out and back in for easy access or just built in spaces for them so you don’t have to kick them around on the floor. You can also have spice racks and racks for cleaning supplies build right in for easy access to everything in your kitchen. Why not make life a lot easier.. What are you waiting for… Let’s start the New year off right and bring these ideas to life and remodel that outdated kitchen = )

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