JM Design Build Featured On FYI Network Tiny House Nation

Cleveland Contractors Featured on Tiny House Nation

General Contractors Cleveland Featured On Tiny House Nation

Be sure to tune in to FYI Network’s (formerly Bio Channel) new hit series Tiny House Nation on Wednesday, July 30 @ 10PM! The team here at JM Design Build was selected from Cleveland’s top contractors to complete the entire project–on camera!

The premise of the show is that there is a rapidly growing trend in the U.S. of downsizing our lifestyles, and therefore our houses, in pursuit of off-the-grid, mortgage free living–and the Network is showcasing this movement by documenting the construction of these homes in various cities throughout the country.

The particular episode featuring JM Design Build, and managed by our COO Kevin Haney, includes the building of a Tiny House for a young couple that will be relocating every few months because of their occupations. Rather than finding a new place to live and coordinating their move, they will simply take their house with them.

Be sure to tune in and watch (and then let Kevin know how good he looks on TV)!

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