It’s back and it’s here to stay!!

We have seen a lot of new trends for 2015 but this one specifically is an old trend brought back to life. We love the Classic Elegance of the Free Standing bathtub. It’s the kind of thing you see in old movies such as the notebook. Notebook Free Standing bathtub










It completely opens up the bathroom for so much more space. Adding a free standing tub makes you feel like you are in a spa in the luxury of your own home. This trend is here to stay and we personally couldn’t be more excited to see more of them.

Be careful though, free standing tubs vary greatly in price and some cost several thousand dollars. Rather than blowing the whole budget on the tub unit, we recommend getting creative with the filler, as there are many different new styles of fillers that can dramatically change the look and feel of your tub… for example some fillers mount to the adjacent wall, some come up from the floor, and some fillers drop from the ceiling.

So when you start thinking about remodeling your bathroom keep this beautiful idea in mind…

Free Standing Floor Wall Filler

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