INTRODUCING: Buy it Now Home Remodeling!

Home Remodeling

Home improvement projects can be overwhelming.  Sure, there is a large financial investment needed for many remodeling projects.  But there is also a huge time commitment.

JM, your Cleveland area home design and renovation contractor, is introducing a solution that allows consumers to purchase a remodeling project with the click of a mouse.

Buy it Now Home Remodeling allows you to skip the entire pre-project process and select from several typical remodeling projects with basics guidelines of scopes of work.  This can all be done from their comfort of your home and eliminates visits, follow ups and hours of time investment.

Currently, JM is offering typical services like basement finishes, up to 1,000 square feet, for $20,000.  We are also offering kitchen and bathroom remodels and disaster restoration as part of the Buy it Now Home Remodeling service.

Many consumers are looking for a templated approach to these services and instead of spending wasted time and energy on researching a solution that already exists, the Buy it Now feature saves you time and gives you the ability to schedule a start date that works for you.

The process is simple.  The online store featured on the JM Design web site allows you to shop, select services and checkout.  Once you purchase, you are instantly put into the queue for work to begin. JM Design will immediately reach out to go over the details of the project, timeline and answer any other questions.  If the customer purchases a product online that doesn’t match the project that they are interested in, full refunds can be provided.

Lead times to start are typically around 3 weeks from the time of the online purchase.  With a few clicks, you are on your way to the most efficient remodel project you have experienced!

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