Interior Designer Cleveland – Feng Shui For The Home | INFOGRAPHIC

By: Uma Campbell

It’s no secret that there are a significant number of elements that go into the decision to remodel your entire house, or even just a room in your house: your individual taste and style, the space, the cost, to name a few. The list can seem endless. However, some times a general theme can help you map out all of the various decisions you’ll need to make. One such method, for instance, is to consider how your overall home design and decor choices will affect the other areas of your life. This fundamental concept, or philosophy–that your home design choices ultimately influence and are in harmony with other areas of your life–is known as Feng shui.

Feng shui is a thousand-year old practice with roots in China, making its way to the West about 40 years ago. At it’s essence it is a complex collection of do’s and don’ts that, if followed, should yield more positive and harmonious energy in your life. Looking to get started? The detailed and easy to follow infographic below–brought to us by Soothing Company–relates each room in your house (as well as the exterior and outside areas) with the corresponding component of your life. For example, utilizing the colors red and purple while also including live, colorful plants in your kitchen is the Feng Shui formula for attaining wealth and prosperity.

Check the infographic out below, and start attracting more positive and harmonious energy into your life with Feng Shui today!

Home Design Cleveland - Feng Shui Infographic
Uma Campbell is a freelance writer and yoga enthusiast from Southern California. She loves writing about home decor and home design. When she’s not writing, she loves to work on her craft jewelry.

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