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Home Remodeling Cleveland – 7 Ways To Integrate Bar Stools Into Your Interiors

Bar stools have long been a staple when it comes to modernizing your kitchen or entertaining area. It makes sense–they take up minimal space, generate a feeling of casual conversation, and create an area of elevation which you don’t get with the common chair. But with so many styles and fashions, how do you which, if any, are the right fit for your space? Below, professional interior designer and blogger Melianie Cho provides you with some expert tips on how to integrate bar-stools for all different types of interiors.

Admittedly, to this day the first word that comes to mind when sitting on a bar stool is not ‘comfy’. Albeit, it’s still possible to find a comfortable stool that is right for your home’s interior without sacrificing too much on the design. The two main things you need to consider is the height and level of curve in the back rest and that there is a place to support your feet. A little bit of cushioning doesn’t go astray either!

When used correctly, there is nothing quite like a bit of industrial furniture to keep your home in ‘the now’ when it comes to fashion trends. What’s more, industrial furniture offers versatility in that it can easily be paired with a variety of styles to create an elegant interior—industrial bar stools are no exception. Your wooden bench top and stark white walls never looked so good with these stools. If you do not want to spend the money on vintage stools, some websites offer replica at very competitive prices

When implemented appropriately, nothing whispers “home” as suddenly as a few great pieces of rustic furniture. With the use of wood—either painted or exposed—you can really create a feel as if your stool was made directly from a freshly cut log. Styles like this bring a sense of comfort, warmth and class. And they look great too!

Giddy-up gang, saddle stools are back! And surprisingly, these re-mastered beauties are extremely comfortable. Saddle-style bar stools effectively shape to your bottom, and with an elevated, between thigh hump, you’re not going anywhere! Predominantly designed for the modern home, they’ll pair perfectly with a dark wood or granite bench top.

It’s no secret that the Swedish seem to have a knack for designing modern furniture that can be effortlessly instrumented into your home, no matter what style of interiors you currently have. The designs are mostly sleek and low impact, yet pose a sense of style that outclasses even the most professional of designs. Moreover, with stores like Ikea, you don’t necessarily have to pay top dollar for these innovative styles.

Want the luxury of bar-stools but have limited room around your bench tops? Not to worry–there are plenty of options to choose from which are low impact and take up a minimum footprint. The thing to look out for when purchasing your discrete stool is a low back feature; this will enable you to slip them easily under your counter.

For some, the barstool is to serve as the centerpiece of your new kitchen remodel or basement bar in Cleveland—almost as a trophy. For this look there are barstools that encapsulate a certain wow-factor. Bright colors, animal print, ultra-modern or elaborate backs will become a talking point at family gatherings and hanging with friends.

Have a cool barstool in your home? Send us a picture or leave a link in the comments!

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Melianie is an interior designer and an experienced blogger. She loves pairing great interiors with well designed furniture. When she is not blogging about the latest design trends, Melianie spends time for an online furniture and homeware store.


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