How to Purchase a Sliding Barn Door

Homeowners are always finding new ways to make their home stand out and recently barn doors have become a unique way to cover openings into a room… inside the house!  They give rooms a distinctive look that can make a room and have become the new “it” item to have in a home.  When looking for the best barn door choice, there are multiple approaches at varying price points.

The bulk of the expense for a rolling barn door lies in the hardware and there are a few options to consider.

  1. Hidden Track – This is similar to a pocket or sliding closet door with the track covered by some wood detail. This is the most cost-efficient option totaling $20 plus the wood cover.

Barn Door with Hidden Track

  1. A standard barn door hardware set can be purchased from any of the large home improvement retailers. This option is typically in set sizes (6’ or 8’) and doesn’t offer much design detail.  The total cost is under $200.
  1. There are custom approaches to bard doors with and providing plenty of unique styles with authentic looks. The price point is the most with costs ranging from $300 – $700

Rustica Hardware Barn Door

After selecting the hardware, finding the slab is relatively easy. Slabs can be purchased at any lumber distributor or can be built from reclaimed barn wood.

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