How Technology is Changing Home Improvement Industry?

Technology Home Remodeling


Rapid advances in technology have ushered in a brave new world of construction and home improvement. They’ve shifted the way professionals work and how homeowners go about remodeling. Building and renovation techniques of yesterday have been rendered nearly obsolete. And with the surge in the area of online and mobile tech, businesses can operate on the fly and homeowners are able to perform a wide array of activities with a tap of the finger.

New business practices

Firstly, companies in the home improvement sector are given a chance to streamline core operations and employ practices such as telecommuting and remote work. This is a way to cut the daily costs as well as the amount of office space needed. A similar effect can be achieved by opting for collaborative workplace organizations and shared office spaces that redefine commercial real estate.

Furthermore, cloud-based information storage solutions have made data available and accessible to anyone, while communication, virtual collaboration, and video conferencing tools enable users to stay in touch with business goings-on anywhere. These trends work hand in hand with each other and their convergence has changed the game for a multitude of business organizations.

Green agenda

The tech developments in the sector are closely linked to environmental concerns. The chief goal is to reduce the immense environmental footprint of the residential landscape.  Among other things, technology has allowed us to take advantage of greener, more sustainable materials, with the widespread use of reclaimed wood being one of the most prominent trends.


What’s more, shrinking the energy consumption has been established as another major aspiration. For example, one can purchase a programmable thermostat and optimize heating and cooling patterns. Similarly, many homeowners choose to invest in water-saving features like low-flush toilets, rainwater harvesting systems, and low-flow faucets.

Smart homes

Smart Homes | Technology & Home Remodeling
The new home design accounts for a proliferation of mobile devices and ever greater need to be connected. Namely, in smart homes, appliances and devices communicate with each other and the owner. Modern kitchens, for instance, feature a plethora of smart appliances that streamline activities such as cooking.

Home security has also undergone a dynamic evolution with smart locks, affordable alarms, cameras, and other striking gadgets. Finally, LED lighting is not only energy-saving and sustainable, its colors and intensity can also be manipulated via smartphones. That way, homeowners exercise control over the ambiance and boost the visual appeal of the home without breaking the bank.

New rules apply

New Rules |Technology & Home Remodeling

Technology has managed to bring down the barriers between buyers and sellers, potential tenants and homeowners, ordinary people and contractors. It is clear that cloud computing, mobile devices, and social media have empowered everyone to access real-time, cost-effective information. The ongoing consolidation of property data on the web has created a favorable climate for booming digital marketplaces like Zillow.

Also, nowadays, you can utilize a mobile app to find the best home improvement contractors in your area. They can also bid to work on your projects and contact you in the same fashion. At the same time, many owners using online services, suggesting that brokers will assume the roles of advisors and that many agents will have to become more tech-savvy in order to stay competitive.

Digital resources


In fact, many brokerages are already developing mobile versions of their websites and establishing a social media presence. Some companies are even building dedicated web platforms to accommodate the wants and needs of the generation of digital natives, especially millennials. Hence, in following years, innovative and forward-thinking home improvement professionals will go to great lengths to stay in touch with customers.

Face-to-face meetings are no longer the only means of striking deals, and younger people expect communication that goes beyond telephone calls and texting. Another big trend is the popularization of DIY home improvement projects: The internet is teeming with guides, tutorials, ideas, photos, and affordable services that prompt individuals to take full control of the process.

Leaps and bounds

Digital Resources | Technology & Home Remodeling

Technology is a great catalyst for change in all areas of our life, and home improvement industry is no exception. Indeed, it has profoundly changed how real estate and home improvement projects are delivered to consumers and how they manage their daily lives. It is possible to reduce the carbon footprint, decrease the waste of energy, augment homes with smart appliances and endorse a sustainable, tech-focused way of living. And as technology continues to develop, it will enable associated trends to become even more popular.


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