Hi-Tech Kitchen Ideas

Kitchens have come a long way over the years, and they just keep getting bigger, better and more user-friendly.  Every year all over the world new inventors are coming up with designs to make our lives easier. Some of the new kitchen innovations coming out over the next few years are things I would have only seen on the TV show The Jetson’s.  It is definitely getting more futuristic by the minute. Here are some things to look forward to.


Whirlpool cooktop

The oven is going to see a major makeover, from touch panel controls to burners that retract back into the countertop when not in use.  If you can dream it, they can make it a reality.  Soon, ovens will be able to read recipes to you and show your photos.  You can even set up modes to make cooking easier with a touch of a button. The coolest cook top featured is one that is completely touch screen that pops up on the counter wherever you want to put it and virtually disappears when you turn it off.  This is a different level of induction cooking!


smart fridge

You can put a TV on almost anything so why not save some counter space and build it right onto the front of your fridge?  Not only can you watch TV on it, you can also save pictures and recipes, and even keep an inventory of what’s in the fridge and what you are running low on.  That means making your grocery list on Sunday just got a lot easier!  You can access everything saved on the TV in your refrigerator from an app on your smart phone.  We can expect to see awesome things like a built in beer dispenser and doors that haze over when shut and turn clear when opened.  There is even research showing that one day your refrigerator could be powered by magnets rather than electricity.


Glass cabinets

Can you imagine seeing all glass cabinets?  Well here they come. They are basically the health food of the cabinet world.  Germs don’t stick to glass like they do wood, any dirt or dust build up will be visible.  We can also expect to see everything controlled by buttons and sensors.  No more opening up cabinet doors or having the doors and drawers get in the way, let the sensors handle that!  Countertops will also be seeing a glass makeover.  Since granite takes years to form into the beautiful natural stone it is, man-made countertops such as quartz and now even glass can be produced much more rapidly.

What would you say if I told you LED wallpaper is a real thing?  

LED Wallpaper

So take those glass cabinets I mentioned above and you will be able to change them to any color or design you want via the wallpaper behind them.  Items like this could become as much a part of our every day lives as our smart phone.  We look forward to bringing you the newest and the most up to date ideas and hope that you are just as excited to see all these things in action like we are!


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