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Decorating Ideas for the Wall Behind the Kitchen Sink

By: Anna, writer for JHE’s Log Furniture Place

People are often stumped when they are faced with the decorating dilemma of what to put on that wall behind the kitchen sink. There are a number of ways to add decorative touches as well as functionality with the extra wall space behind the sink. Kitchens with a sink installed on a wall instead of in front of a window are common in historic homes, cottages, and houses with more of a rustic, country feel. This is a great area to highlight rustic decor touches.

Cupboard Space
Cupboard space is great to have above the sink because it makes putting dishes away an easy task. Cupboard doors with glass fronts are great for displaying china collections or even your cookbook collection, while keeping them safe and free of dust.

Open Shelves
Open shelves located above the sink add to the rustic decor look, especially if they are made from reclaimed wood or have a chipped paint finish. They are great for storing kitschy knick knacks, a salt and pepper shaker collection, stacks of frequently used dishes or a row of cookbooks anchored between bookends. You can also store vases and rustic looking canning jars filled with wildflowers on the shelves to add cheer to the space.

A great way to add light to any room is through the placement of mirrors. They bounce light around the room and create the illusion of a larger space. Add a touch of rustic decor by using an old, reclaimed window and replace the window glass with mirrors in each pane. It will almost look like you have a real window behind the sink!

Artwork or Photos
The placement of your favorite landscape painting or art print above the sink is a great way to add the illusion of a window view to the outdoors. Be sure to enclose the painting or art print in frame with glass to prevent damage from moisture and accidental sink water splashing. For a different rustic touch, you could frame vintage seed packets, pressed flowers or leaves in a grouping of several small frames. Use a variety of different frame finishes or spray paint them all the same color. You could also use a reclaimed old barn window as a photo collage frame and add family photos behind the different sections of glass.

Hooks and Towel Bars
Add a row of cup hooks to hold your favorite tea cups or coffee mugs within easy reach. Below the cup hooks, install a towel bar to display decorative vintage tea towels. Towel bars are also a practical way to hang your dish rags to dry.

Wake up a boring wall by installing a backsplash behind the sink. Field stone and brick offer a rustic look, as well as beadboard paneling. Be sure to seal porous brick to keep out moisture and use an exterior paint on the beadboard paneling to prevent water damage. These finishes look great when paired with any of the additional decorating ideas listed above.

About the Author:
Anna is a writer and SEO specialist for JHE’s Log Furniture Place, one of the oldest and most trusted online providers of log beds and rustic furniture.

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