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Many contractors in Cleveland only show pictures of their work consisting of luxury spaces and materials—usually staged in some excessively large house that not everyone (including us!) can afford. At JM we realize some people have a limited amount of money and/or space to work with, so we make sure our designers come up with the most practical, yet stylish solutions. For example, check out our most recent 3D design for a kitchen remodel in Brooklyn Heights. JM took the small space they had and maximized its functionality.

Custom Kitchen Remodeling Cleveland

New 3D Design | Contractors in Brooklyn Heights Ohio

The main objective of this Cleveland kitchen remodeling design was used to turn a cluttered kitchen into an organized space that several people can enjoy—albeit—comfortably. As many of us know, the kitchen is typically the center point for family parties and small get-to-gethers; so for some homeowners it can be very important to have enough space to host multiple cooks at once. Our professional interior designer team was able to locate and apply the precise materials and products into this formerly small kitchen to make a robust and stylish statement.

In particular, this kitchen remodeling concept is unique because the custom built-in bench area and table allows for flexible seating while also making the best use of the small space.  Moreover, the built-in storage space under the bench not only looks fantastic but is indeed a very practical storage solution when you are pressed for space. Nevertheless, we were still able to create a significant amount of storage capacity in this kitchen despite the lack of floor space, and the angled cabinetry is a great place to store and show off treasured belongings.

Ultimately, this kitchen renovation floor-plan suits the homeowner’s need for an up-to-date kitchen and maximizes the use of limited space. In case you’re wondering, the design can be changed to meet your specific needs and the features can be altered to match your particular style. JM Design Build has designed and remodeled numerous kitchens, basements, and home additions all over the area; in fact we are also a well known Custom Home Builder in Cleveland. Make your home our newest project! While our interior design team is laying out your kitchen, they can also offer ideas to open up other parts of your home.

Remodel A Kitchen In Cleveland

Our Cleveland General Contractors can have your new kitchen designed in a timely manner and remodeled with utmost quality, leaving you impressed and pleased with the process and price. Ready for a kitchen make-over? Contact us for your free design consultation and estimation.

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