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Cleveland-area home remodeling companies, as well as those on the national scale, have endured several years of economic shaking. However, those of us still thriving have proven the importance of building your contractor business on a solid foundation.

Importance of building on a solid foundation

By: Jeremy Salupo

The earthquake that hit Japan was 8,000 times larger than the one that struck Christ Church New Zealand two weeks prior. To some extent, the construction industry can relate to the severity and intensity of the shaking—those of us still around have been tormented by such chaos for the past several years. I don’t care what the “talking heads” on TV are saying about our economy, or what the stock market has been doing; ask any Cleveland area home remodeling expert and they will tell you that we have endured a shaking like no other.

However, shaking can be a good thing, depending on how well your foundation was built. Meaning, those of us who have built our business on solid principals—including honesty, integrity, quality service, and expert craftsmanship have endured much of the shaking and are beginning to prosper once again. But not all construction companies can say the same.

Rather, over the past few years, all of the players, swindlers, Ponzis, cheats, con-artists (you get the idea), have exited the construction market in search of a new game to play.  On the one hand, it is sad how few of us are left and, perhaps worse, how hard it is to enter the industry during the aftermath of the economic shake-up. In fact, The U.S. Census Bureau’s Business Information Tracking Series (BITS) recently reported that of the 30,000-some construction companies that try to enter the industry each year, over 29,000 will exit within the same time-frame. Nowadays, for any given area, the number of thriving contractors that exist can probably be counted on one hand.

On the other hand, however, buyers can feel a little bit more at ease because you no longer have to sort through 50+ bids coming from contractors who are all trying to sell you a different story. Indeed, the only ones left standing after this storm are those who were built on rock—who run their business with honesty, integrity, and professionalism. Those who have survived are the ones you can trust to build your home.

So I say, thanks for the shaking.

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