Planning to remodel your kitchen? Here’s what to expect

Remodeling a kitchen can be a big undertaking.  But a worthy one considering the significant value it can add to your home.  For those thinking about starting a kitchen remodel, below are some items to consider.

1. Get ready for take out! You will be without a functional kitchen for several weeks and there is no way around it.  Good contractors will minimize “down time” of your kitchen.  Make sure your contractor removes everything in the kitchen but leaves the sink until it is absolutely necessary to remove.

2.  Selecting cabinets is key. This can get expensive.  You need to lean on your contractor for advice here.  There are so many options and the pricing can be all over the map. It’s important to look at different manufacturer lines – as opposed to just focusing on one brand – to get true command for what is out there

3.  Countertops should be scheduled immediately. Schedule your countertop template a few days before cabinet installation.  This will ensure time for the base cabinets, which are necessary for the template, to be in place for countertop installation. Without the right approach, you could be facing some serious downtime extending the time of your remodel and adding costs.  Proper planning from your contractor is imperative here.  Take granite.  Granite companies require at least a week of advance notice before template and then another up to 2 weeks for install.  JM Design Build schedules a cadence of activity to minimize downtime.

4.  Be flexible and expect the unexpected. Not everything will go perfect; changes will occur and decisions will need to be made.  The key is to work with your contractor to know your options.  JM Design provides superior customer service to minimize changes and find solutions for you no matter the issue.

JM Design specializes in kitchen remodels and we are ready to work with you whatever your need.

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How to Purchase a Sliding Barn Door

Homeowners are always finding new ways to make their home stand out and recently barn doors have become a unique way to cover openings into a room… inside the house!  They give rooms a distinctive look that can make a room and have become the new “it” item to have in a home.  When looking for the best barn door choice, there are multiple approaches at varying price points.

The bulk of the expense for a rolling barn door lies in the hardware and there are a few options to consider.

  1. Hidden Track – This is similar to a pocket or sliding closet door with the track covered by some wood detail. This is the most cost-efficient option totaling $20 plus the wood cover.

Barn Door with Hidden Track

  1. A standard barn door hardware set can be purchased from any of the large home improvement retailers. This option is typically in set sizes (6’ or 8’) and doesn’t offer much design detail.  The total cost is under $200.
  1. There are custom approaches to bard doors with and providing plenty of unique styles with authentic looks. The price point is the most with costs ranging from $300 – $700

Rustica Hardware Barn Door

After selecting the hardware, finding the slab is relatively easy. Slabs can be purchased at any lumber distributor or can be built from reclaimed barn wood.

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How Technology is Changing Home Improvement Industry?

Technology Home Remodeling


Rapid advances in technology have ushered in a brave new world of construction and home improvement. They’ve shifted the way professionals work and how homeowners go about remodeling. Building and renovation techniques of yesterday have been rendered nearly obsolete. And with the surge in the area of online and mobile tech, businesses can operate on the fly and homeowners are able to perform a wide array of activities with a tap of the finger.

New business practices

Firstly, companies in the home improvement sector are given a chance to streamline core operations and employ practices such as telecommuting and remote work. This is a way to cut the daily costs as well as the amount of office space needed. A similar effect can be achieved by opting for collaborative workplace organizations and shared office spaces that redefine commercial real estate.

Furthermore, cloud-based information storage solutions have made data available and accessible to anyone, while communication, virtual collaboration, and video conferencing tools enable users to stay in touch with business goings-on anywhere. These trends work hand in hand with each other and their convergence has changed the game for a multitude of business organizations.

Green agenda

The tech developments in the sector are closely linked to environmental concerns. The chief goal is to reduce the immense environmental footprint of the residential landscape.  Among other things, technology has allowed us to take advantage of greener, more sustainable materials, with the widespread use of reclaimed wood being one of the most prominent trends.


What’s more, shrinking the energy consumption has been established as another major aspiration. For example, one can purchase a programmable thermostat and optimize heating and cooling patterns. Similarly, many homeowners choose to invest in water-saving features like low-flush toilets, rainwater harvesting systems, and low-flow faucets.

Smart homes

Smart Homes | Technology & Home Remodeling
The new home design accounts for a proliferation of mobile devices and ever greater need to be connected. Namely, in smart homes, appliances and devices communicate with each other and the owner. Modern kitchens, for instance, feature a plethora of smart appliances that streamline activities such as cooking.

Home security has also undergone a dynamic evolution with smart locks, affordable alarms, cameras, and other striking gadgets. Finally, LED lighting is not only energy-saving and sustainable, its colors and intensity can also be manipulated via smartphones. That way, homeowners exercise control over the ambiance and boost the visual appeal of the home without breaking the bank.

New rules apply

New Rules |Technology & Home Remodeling

Technology has managed to bring down the barriers between buyers and sellers, potential tenants and homeowners, ordinary people and contractors. It is clear that cloud computing, mobile devices, and social media have empowered everyone to access real-time, cost-effective information. The ongoing consolidation of property data on the web has created a favorable climate for booming digital marketplaces like Zillow.

Also, nowadays, you can utilize a mobile app to find the best home improvement contractors in your area. They can also bid to work on your projects and contact you in the same fashion. At the same time, many owners using online services, suggesting that brokers will assume the roles of advisors and that many agents will have to become more tech-savvy in order to stay competitive.

Digital resources


In fact, many brokerages are already developing mobile versions of their websites and establishing a social media presence. Some companies are even building dedicated web platforms to accommodate the wants and needs of the generation of digital natives, especially millennials. Hence, in following years, innovative and forward-thinking home improvement professionals will go to great lengths to stay in touch with customers.

Face-to-face meetings are no longer the only means of striking deals, and younger people expect communication that goes beyond telephone calls and texting. Another big trend is the popularization of DIY home improvement projects: The internet is teeming with guides, tutorials, ideas, photos, and affordable services that prompt individuals to take full control of the process.

Leaps and bounds

Digital Resources | Technology & Home Remodeling

Technology is a great catalyst for change in all areas of our life, and home improvement industry is no exception. Indeed, it has profoundly changed how real estate and home improvement projects are delivered to consumers and how they manage their daily lives. It is possible to reduce the carbon footprint, decrease the waste of energy, augment homes with smart appliances and endorse a sustainable, tech-focused way of living. And as technology continues to develop, it will enable associated trends to become even more popular.


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How To Best Pick Out The Right Flooring For You!

Home Remodeling & Design - How to pick flooringConsumers have choices when they decide what kind of flooring to install in their home.  In order to best diagnose the right decision for you, below is some information on the three basic floor options that you can select.

Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate flooring is likely the cheapest flooring option.  That is due to material quality and the cheapest install cost – it connects through a click and lock system.  Laminate flooring can be used on any level of the house including the basement.  It is pet friendly, sturdy and doesn’t scratch as easily as the other options.  However, it is prone to water damage in moist areas.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring is the middle of the road option in terms of price.  The design fixes a layer of pressed plywood underneath a top consisting of real wood.  This product can be placed on the first and second floors of a home with a nail-down or floating installation.  For those wanting engineered hardwood in the basement, it can be installed over concrete by a glue-down method.  Engineered hardwood floors tend to be more resilient and scratch-resistant than real wood.

Real Hardwood Flooring

The most expensive of all of the options, real hardwood floors can be installed under normal conditions on the first or second floors of a home.  Real hardwood floors can be put in basements as long as there is a wood subfloor to support.  The real treatment provides customers with the most authentic look and feel and for those who have the budget, is often the preferred route.  Real hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished to give the desired color and pattern to match the consumer’s desire.  Real hardwood is usually the longest-lasting option but they are susceptible to dings and scratching as time passes.

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What is Cooking in Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design Cleveland

They say that the kitchen is the heart of every home, and if your cooking area looks like it’s just survived a rhino stampede, your home is probably on the verge of a cardiac arrest. Jokes aside, kitchen décor is important for both your nest’s functionality and overall value, and you should tend to its design with tender, love, care and awareness of latest design trends. If you haven’t been paying attention in kitchen design class, here are the top five trendy features to add to your snug culinary haven and amp its aesthetic appeal without breaking the bank.


1. Neutral Wall Color Scheme

Kitchen Design Cleveland Neutral Colors

This year, chic kitchen walls rock a neutral guise. Grey, beige, ivory, and white walls are a huge kitchen trend right now, but if you want to avoid a monochromatic kitchen look, you can spice up your cooking area with a few pastel touches, such as baby blue, soft peach, or gentle pink. Vivid colors should be used sparingly, as accents, so if you wish to throw in reds, greens, or yellows to liven up the atmosphere, try to sneak them in as pulls, handles, and kitchen textiles instead of applying them directly to the walls.


2. Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel kitchen appliances have sneaked into smart kitchens a while back and it looks like they’re going to stay on trend in the year to come. For a dose of stylistic contrast, swap all-white fridge, oven, and range for their counterparts in dark paint coats: along with bonus visual points, stainless steel appliances will provide higher durability and won’t easily give in to tough kitchen love you may expose them to as you’re busying away with pots and pans. To max out on the kitchen makeover in terms of functional value, opt for energy-star stainless steel appliances: that way, you’ll hack superior style and long-term utility savings by a single update.


3. Granite Goes a Long Way

Kitchen Design Cleveland Granite

Although marble is growing popular among kitchen designers these days, granite countertops and backsplashes are still holding strong. More cost-efficient than marble and no less durable, granite is one of the natural stone types that promises best value for a homeowner’s money as it can stand the test of time without losing aesthetic appeal. Still, be sure to treat and maintain granite surfaces with due care to prevent staining and cracking. For a neat bonus, granite will go well with stainless steel kitchen tech, and it will coordinate well with most kitchen styles, such as mid-century modern, vintage, and industrial.


4. Tiles Off, Timber’s Home

Kitchen tiles are a part of history: these days, graceful cooking areas boast a timber base instead of conventional ceramics. Hardwood, laminate, and even parquet are at home in a 21st-century kitchen, and bamboo and cork flooring fit the sustainable kitchen design formula perfectly. Still, you should be very careful when choosing timber floors for the cooking area: if possible, opt for sturdy wood types such as white oak or walnut floorboards treated with an Acrylic Impregnated wear layer to minimize risk of damage through contact with liquids.


5. Smart State-of-the-Art Appliances

Kitchen Design Cleveland Appliances

Another way to add a trendy coat of sustainability to your kitchen is to replace conventional with eco-friendly appliances. Energy-saving refrigeration products and smart cookers, ovens, and ranges will reduce your home’s environmental footprint, as well as long-term electricity bills.


Kitchen Design Cleveland Eco Friendly Appliances

For bonus sustainability points, many among energy-star kitchen appliances can be recycled to curb soil pollution and greenhouse gas emission. You can take the green kitchen game a step further by outfitting the faucets with water-efficient aerators that will trim H2O waste in the heart of your home.


6. Storage Gone Hidey-Ho

Hidden storage is one more trend that’s changing the kitchen landscape these days. Pocket and sliding doors are used to camouflage kitchen appliances, and they are often painted in the same color as the walls for bonus hidey-ho points. Apart from sliding doors, concealed charging ports in the kitchen are another big hit among interior designers, as they allow self-styled chefs to keep their beloved electronics at hand and stay connected to the web crowd while preparing yummy bites.

Kitchen Design Cleveland Energy Star Appliances

Is there more to a classy kitchen than meets the eye? Apparently, there is. Granite countertops, energy-star stainless steel appliances, wooden flooring, and neutral wall paint are the critical ingredients of lasting kitchen elegance nowadays. Before you start cooking, make sure your kitchen is up to the design trend challenge – and don’t forget to throw in a couple of hidden elements, just for convenience’s sake. Bon appétit!

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Hi-Tech Kitchen Ideas

Kitchens have come a long way over the years, and they just keep getting bigger, better and more user-friendly.  Every year all over the world new inventors are coming up with designs to make our lives easier. Some of the new innovations coming out over the next few years are things I would have only seen on the TV show The Jetson’s.  It is definitely getting more futuristic by the minute. Here are some things to look forward to.


Whirlpool cooktop

The oven is going to see a major makeover, from touch panel controls to burners that retract back into the countertop when not in use.  If you can dream it, they can make it a reality.  Soon, ovens will be able to read recipes to you and show your photos.  You can even set up modes to make cooking easier with a touch of a button. The coolest cook top featured is one that is completely touch screen that pops up on the counter wherever you want to put it and virtually disappears when you turn it off.  This is a different level of induction cooking!


smart fridge

You can put a TV on almost anything so why not save some counter space and build it right onto the front of your fridge?  Not only can you watch TV on it, you can also save pictures and recipes, and even keep an inventory of what’s in the fridge and what you are running low on.  That means making your grocery list on Sunday just got a lot easier!  You can access everything saved on the TV in your refrigerator from an app on your smart phone.  We can expect to see awesome things like a built in beer dispenser and doors that haze over when shut and turn clear when opened.  There is even research showing that one day your refrigerator could be powered by magnets rather than electricity.


Glass cabinets

Can you imagine seeing all glass cabinets?  Well here they come. They are basically the health food of the cabinet world.  Germs don’t stick to glass like they do wood, any dirt or dust build up will be visible.  We can also expect to see everything controlled by buttons and sensors.  No more opening up cabinet doors or having the doors and drawers get in the way, let the sensors handle that!  Countertops will also be seeing a glass makeover.  Since granite takes years to form into the beautiful natural stone it is, man-made countertops such as quartz and now even glass can be produced much more rapidly.

What would you say if I told you LED wallpaper is a real thing?  

LED Wallpaper

So take those glass cabinets I mentioned above and you will be able to change them to any color or design you want via the wallpaper behind them.  Items like this could become as much a part of our every day lives as our smart phone.  We look forward to bringing you the newest and the most up to date ideas and hope that you are just as excited to see all these things in action like we are!


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It’s back and it’s here to stay!!

We have seen a lot of new trends for 2015 but this one specifically is an old trend brought back to life. We love the Classic Elegance of the Free Standing bathtub. It’s the kind of thing you see in old movies such as the notebook. Notebook Free Standing bathtub










It completely opens up the bathroom for so much more space. Adding a free standing tub makes you feel like you are in a spa in the luxury of your own home. This trend is here to stay and we personally couldn’t be more excited to see more of them.

Be careful though, free standing tubs vary greatly in price and some cost several thousand dollars. Rather than blowing the whole budget on the tub unit, we recommend getting creative with the filler, as there are many different new styles of fillers that can dramatically change the look and feel of your tub… for example some fillers mount to the adjacent wall, some come up from the floor, and some fillers drop from the ceiling.

So when you start thinking about remodeling your bathroom keep this beautiful idea in mind…

Free Standing Floor Wall Filler

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2015’s New Hot Item in the Bathroom is the Curbless Shower…

curb shower 3











What started as a very practical solution for helping the handicapped and elderly enter their shower’s without stepping over a curb has now spun into a mega trend for modern bathrooms around the country. Apart from the convenience of being able to roll in and out, the look of the curbless is catching on fast.

curb shower 1



















People like it because its modern, it’s sleek, but it also makes the bathroom more seamless, eliminating the divide between the main area of the bath and the shower and giving the appearance of one large room. This is a game changer for an interior designer, opening up a whole new realm of possibilities to integrate the tile, patterns, and colors.

curb shower 2

















People ask about the usage, doesn’t water get everywhere? Is it difficult to convert an existing shower into curbless or build a new one? Yes and Yes. This new look is neither practical for keeping water contained nor cheap… but isn’t it worth it to have the baddest shower on the block?


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Keep Calm…Save Space

Finding room to store everything in your kitchen can be stressful. Somehow there is just never enough space for everything and we end up accumulating more and more as the years go on. I have been doing some research and found some amazing ideas to help make more space in places you probably would have never thought of. These ideas will not only help keep things clean and organized, but create more of a Zen environment away from clutter. Added bonus – anyone who has little ones running around it will also help keep unwanted things away from them…some food for thought.

Corner drawer: A space that is always awkward with kitchen cabinets. When installed the corner drawers are deeper than the average drawers so now you can hold a lot more things inside them.

corner drawers

Utensil Drawer: No more just tossing everything in a random drawer. This makes it easy to grab out and keeps everything together for when needed. You save space and stay organized.

Utensil drawer

Trash Can Drawer: Hide those gross trash cans underneath the sink or another space that would be unused with your cabinets. They slide right out and help create more moving around space in the kitchen. Also an added benefit is it hides the odor too.

trach can cabinet

Dish drawers: Now you can have Drawers specifically made to organize all your dishes and keep them out of sight and from sliding around. No more worries about having to stack them in weird hard to reach places.

slide out dog bowl drawer

Other awesome ideas are having your pet bowls build in underneath your cabinets. You can have them slide right out and back in for easy access or just built in spaces for them so you don’t have to kick them around on the floor. You can also have spice racks and racks for cleaning supplies build right in for easy access to everything in your kitchen. Why not make life a lot easier.. What are you waiting for… Let’s start the New year off right and bring these ideas to life and remodel that outdated kitchen = )

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What’s Hot: Trending Bathroom Remodel Ideas for 2015

Curbless Shower

It’s that time of year where we start seeing all the big and new things that will happen in 2015! This year will showcase a lot of great new designs as well as see some old ideas brought back to life. Let’s find out what we will start seeing more of this coming year.

Curbless/No threshold Showers

Curbless Showers are not only good for safety but they look amazing, we plan to see a lot of it this coming year. Not only does it look clean but it completely opens up the entire room, by keeping the floor of the shower at the same height of the bathroom floor, in incorporates the square footage in the size of the bathroom actually making it feel that much bigger.

Freestanding bathtub in modern bathroom

-Free Standing Bath Tubs

Free standing bath tubs also make the room look larger as there is extra visible space around the tub. It’s basically a very spa inspired look, modern and sophisticated

Glass Tile

Glass Tile and Marble

The glass tile makes the walls stand out and almost has a 3D effect. and everyone is loving the simple yet very classic look of marble..

large shower windows

Large Bathroom Windows. 

The large window gives you a sense of freedom while showering,  makes the room open up with natural light, and you almost feel like you are outside. They look beautiful and they brighten up the room. Expect to see more large windows in bathrooms in 2015 and beyond…


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