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JM Design Build, a distinguished General Contractor in the Cleveland area helps one Broadview Hts homeowner update her outdated bathroom with a modern, financially savvy bathroom remodel investment.

Bathroom Makeover

Nice Oak Vanity Granite Vanity Top New Bathroom Vanity New Tile Floor in Bathroom

Every homeowner deserves an exceptional bathroom. Why, you ask? Because the average American spends about 30 minutes in their bathroom every day, with one in for spending more than an hour, according to a poll conducted by American Standard on US consumers. However, when it comes to why exactly you’re bathroom isn’t the space you deserve, it is a much more personal matter. For instance, some homeowners deserve a bathroom that caters to their physical limitations and/or safety preferences, while others just don’t have enough space in their existing room.

Or, as in the case of one of our recent customers, your bathroom is simply outdated. Let’s face it, the bathroom that worked for you when you first moved in years ago just doesn’t cut it anymore. Appliances and fixtures get rusty, materials and color schemes grow tacky, and the vanity can no longer handle all of your stuff. Of course, bathroom remodeling is an investment–but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s risky. In fact, a bathroom remodel has one of the highest returns of most any other home remodeling project, not to mention it is a huge selling factor for potential buyers down the road. Plus, when you add in the peace of mind you receive from enhancing your lifestyle with a modern bathroom design, it really becomes an easy decision.

For Joyce, a recent JM Design Build customer in Broadview Heights, OH (just south of Cleveland), the decision to invest in a bathroom remodel turned out to be a pretty savvy move. At first, she wanted to get an idea for the costs involved, so we set up a time to meet with one of our experts for a free bathroom design consultation. Once we understood her needs, we presented her with a design that ended up being exactly what she was looking for, so she chose to hire us as her bathroom remodeling contractor.

To begin the process, we demo’d the entire existing bathroom and removed all materials including drywall and flooring. Then, we updated the electric with modern supplies in order to more efficiently service her new space. After the new tub was set, we installed fresh drywall, durarock and laid new tile on the floor and on the perimeter of the shower. Then, our remodeling crew hooked up the new toilet, set the vanity cabinets and granite counter top, primed and painted the drywall, hung the towel racks and installed the light fixtures.

In less than 3 weeks, Joyce had a brand new bathroom and a great place to spend her time. Needless to say, she’s very happy with her investment.

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