7 Kitchen Upgrades That Can Help you Lose Weight

kitchen makeover ideas for losing weight

By: Tabitha Stofey

It’s no secret that most of us struggle with losing weight, so when it comes to making simple changes that can yield big results, I for one am all for it. Thus, we decided to do some research and come up with a list of ideas that can help you and your weight loss efforts in the place you need it the most–your kitchen.

When it comes down to it, clutter is a sign of loosing control; and overeating or taking comfort in the wrong foods is often a result of loosing control. Therefore, it makes sense that eliminating clutter in the place you most associate with food–your kitchen–is probably a good tactic when it comes to losing weight. So, we put together our favorite strategies for keeping your kitchen weightloss friendly. Granted, these won’t necessarily have an impact overnight, but will certainly help you to see results over the long haul.

1. Open spaces
Upgrading your kitchen will not only help you shed a few pounds but it is well-known that a bigger, open kitchen not only reduces stress but also clutter. Feeling more organized will reduce your eating habits instantly and drastically.

2. Showcase the good stuff
Rearrange your cabinets, pantry, and refrigerator so the healthy foods are the first ones you see. If you don’t normally eat it or don’t need it, toss it out (it’s just clutter!)

3. Bury the dead
Install cabinets in a dead space to hide appliances that normally should not be used–e.g. deep fryer, toaster oven, etc.

4. Park it
Covered countertop storage keeps appliances that tempt you out of site. For instance, an Appliance Garage can be used to easily slide-and-hide certain appliances that sit on the counter top, contributing to a more clutter free kitchen.

5. Smarter appliances
Buy a glass door refrigerator and a steam cook oven. They make great appliances to purchase to help with healthy eating. The Refrigerator keeps the good foods always in sight and the oven will crisp food without the added fat.

6. Get out quicker
Buy cabinets that are in between dark and light. If the color is too dark (i.e. red) or too light (i.e. white) you will tend to stick around and eat more. Try a color like Pumpkin or a medium brown color like a Beige–something as simple as changing your cabinets makes a big difference in the amount of time you stay in your kitchen.

7. Find things faster
Cabinet organizers are also a big help. Utilizing these will make it easier to find things in your kitchen. There are tons of cabinet organizer ideas that can be installed as you update or remodel your kitchen. Simple is better.

These simple tactics can make your life easier and your kitchen more weight-loss friendly. We may not have control of everything in our life, but when it comes to our bodies and our weight, we do. Taking care of ourselves should always be our first priority. So, join me and we can not only be organized but lose weight together = )

Photo Credit: Decoist Architecture & Interior Design

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