2015’s New Hot Item in the Bathroom is the Curbless Shower…

curb shower 3











What started as a very practical solution for helping the handicapped and elderly enter their shower’s without stepping over a curb has now spun into a mega trend for modern bathrooms around the country. Apart from the convenience of being able to roll in and out, the look of the curbless is catching on fast.

curb shower 1



















People like it because its modern, it’s sleek, but it also makes the bathroom more seamless, eliminating the divide between the main area of the bath and the shower and giving the appearance of one large room. This is a game changer for an interior designer, opening up a whole new realm of possibilities to integrate the tile, patterns, and colors.

curb shower 2

















People ask about the usage, doesn’t water get everywhere? Is it difficult to convert an existing shower into curbless or build a new one? Yes and Yes. This new look is neither practical for keeping water contained nor cheap… but isn’t it worth it to have the baddest shower on the block?


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